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About Us

Our Story

We started in 2003 with just two people – Prem Kurian Philip (CEO, Founder) and one other senior developer. We started working out of a room in a house and within about 18 months, we had grown to about 15-20 developers working out of a fully setup office.

Over the years, we have developed sophisticated applications across many verticals – Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality etc.

  • Enterprise Web Applications – If you need a web application developed which connects with your ERP software or the primary software that powers your enterprise, we are the people who can analyse this integration and get it done without fuss.
  • Mobile Applications – If you need an app developed to power your e-commerce business or an app which helps you manage another aspect of your business.
  • Embedded Applications – Specialised embedded applications for resource constrained environments which require fairly intimate knowledge of operating systems, C/C++, System Programme etc

Helping make a difference

We believe in contributing back to society through the work we do and so we love working with those who are actively trying to make the world a better place for the disadvantaged in society. Therefore, from its very inception Songbird has partnered with organizations such as rural hospitals, NGOs etc to develop software particularly suited to them at a price which is affordable to them.

Super Flexible

We believe in being flexible in developing solutions that work for our clients

Deeply Committed

We walk together with our clients and we plan for a long term relationship which works for them.

Highly Skilled

We make it a point to remain current and competent in the technologies we work with.

Prem Kurian Philip

CEO, Founder